Monday, February 28, 2011

Intel’s new SSD is the 6Gbps 510 series

We knew that Intel would release some new SSD, sooner or later, and it turns out today was the day. The company unveiled the DSS series 510 with a 6Gbps fast interface to allow maximum flow in the latest motherboards of today, such as packing Intel chipsets own point of Cougar.

In its press release pointed out that Intel's 510 series is capable of reading data over 500Mbps and wrote more than 315MBps, that significantly higher rates compared to older products. The 510 does not seem as fast as we heard the first reports of the second generation SSD based SandForce (chipsets used as SandForce SF-2200), but Intel is just behind the writing speed. Intel has focused more on reliability and brand recognition with its SSD therefore should not be a problem if you (again), do not offer the fastest products on the market.

new units are built on Intel's 34nm companies, MLC NAND architecture. The big change with the 510 is using a Marvell controller instead of internally developed by Intel.

The transition to 6 Gbps SATA III will eliminate an important bottleneck flow SSD, although users will have a new motherboard to take advantage of it. Still, they are updated (and they need new motherboards, flawless sand bridge) you should see a significant increase in transfer rate compared to older products. older consumers Intel SSD X25-M a ceiling of sequential read / write speeds of 250Mbps and 100Mbps.

510 ship 120GB SSD and 250GB 1000-unit prices of most of the $ 284 and $ 584. Everyone makes a three-year warranty.

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