Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starbucks New Mobile Payment System Is Trivially Hacked In Seconds

Last month, Starbucks has finally stopped testing its new mobile payment system after first introducing it back in 2009 and became national with applications that allowed customers to pay for their morning cup of joe simply by showing their barista bar code on the screen of their iPhone, Blackberry or Android.

After a year and a half of testing, Starbucks was pretty convinced that the new telephone system of payment is safe, right? It does not appear: reports already covers the new payment system of Starbucks is so trivial to hack that all it takes is simply looking over someone's shoulder.

Someone steals your account Starbucks dry, not even really need to do anything about hacking. Instead, if they saw the screen of your smartphone and can take a picture and the camera phone.

Here's how it works: normally when you pay for something with a smartphone similar changes under the bar code on each transaction. Pursuant to Starbucks that never changes, even the bar code, which means that if someone can take a photo of your bar code, they can switch your account indefinitely as their own.

This is a fairly large and vulnerable while the chances are low that you're hacked, you should always keep an eye on who knows if that customer in line behind you waiting to collect his afternoon Trenta your account ?