Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bug Report Suggests Could Boast Nokia Meego 1.6Ghz Intel / Infineon

Nokia needs to reverse its fortunes in the smartphone market, and quickly. Android just pushed beyond the Symbian OS as the dominant smartphone and Symbian was a decade ahead. A lot of bank, then the operating system, Nokia's next generation, MeeGo, and the phone must be powered ... and now, thanks to a bug report, so we have a first look at the materials that go into this handset.

According to the bug report, you flagship Nokia smartphone MeeGo has an Intel 1.6 GHz (!) A screen resolution of 854 x 480, 21 Mbps HSPA + Support and Near Field Communications (NFC or) contactless payment.

Other advanced features include 1GB of RAM, GPU at 200 MHz with 512 MB dedicated VRAM unidentified, HDMI and connectivity options with Infineon XMM 6260 ^ 3 modem and a GPS chip Broadcom.

This is the kind of rumor that gets underway tomorrow. Not that Nokia is working on a superphone MeeGo by surprise is that Intel CPUs! Phones simply can not run, which explains why Intel bought last year Infineon ... and what do you know of a chip Infineon is there too! Rumors indicate that Intel has completed the acquisition of Infineon packaging: can MeeGo new Nokia offer the first fruits of this partnership for the CPU?