Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facebook In February For Free At Seven Major Airlines

Eager to post your wall in its recently launched Mile High Club membership, submit a photo for posterity of this great ape fuzzy bundles of cables wing? Now you can start today, seven major domestic airlines now can use Facebook for free flight. Better get on a plane fast, but it is only a one month contract.

Launch of Virgin America, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, AirTran, U. S. Airways and Alaska Airlines, the service is free, like a Dixie cup full of coke too flat, packing peanuts or salted ice, contemptuous smile on your thanks to a promotional agreement with a stewardess on a flight Gogo Internet.

Gogo allowing free access for passengers Facebook as part of a promotion to publicize its services. 1.1100 Gogo commercial aircraft is now flying about 3,800 flights per day and that 5,000 private jets. 3,800 of those flights, Delta accounts for most sectors, flew 2,200 flights daily.

The idea is simple logic merchant: the first taste for free. Gogo hope that by offering them free pamphlets to come, they will become addicted to the use of the Internet on flights ... and in truth, there seems little reason for them not to. Taxes on the domestic market is actually quite meager $ 4.95 per short flight or $ 12.95 for a long. Given that we've all used to being poked plane for each service abroad, an additional $ 12.95 is a small price to pay ... especially because you've probably just given sixty dollars to check in your bag extra.