Thursday, February 24, 2011

LaCie unveils Little Big Disk

The standout feature on the range of the new MacBook Pro announced earlier today is Thunderbolt: A New I / O technology developed by Intel and Apple, which was originally code-named Light Peak.

With Thunderbolt, it downloads a boost because of the connection speed 10 Gbps. But to use these high-speed data transfer technology, you need material support. The MacBook Pro may have already paid, but what can you transfer by thunderbolt? LaCie storage company has covered its storage solution first crush.

The LaCie Little Big Disk will provide users with the new MacBook Pro, and all the other machines when they become compatible, the ability to transfer multiple HD streams at once, or backup gigabytes of data in minutes .

Currently, the LaCie does not reveal what are the options for storage or at Little Big Disk pay. They have kindly provided some photos, though, and told us the new drives will be available this summer, Apple stores and LaCie.