Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Microsoft launches three new additions to mouse range

While most news in the category of Mouse usually involve a wireless solution, the longer battery life, or a new design new, Microsoft has gone the other way. Three new additions to its line of Mouse is decidedly simple, cheap and cable.

First up, we have a colorful new series called Express Mouse. While the cable, the wire is actually left mouse gives it a distinctive look. There are also 6 different color options (white, red, green, pink, light blue and dark).

Express is designed for "comfort effortlessly in the publication and Twitter." He also uses BlueTrack technology Microsoft makes it very precisely on almost any surface except glass or mirror finish. Surprisingly, there is also three custom buttons, but we can not find at home, can you?

Expect to pay $ 19.95 for the mouse Express when it arrives in June.

Microsoft also released a Comfort Mouse 3000 Comfort Mouse 6000 and as its name suggests, these models are all about comfort. The main difference between the two is 6000 is specifically aimed at those who are right. 3000 can be used with both hands.

When the 3000-costs $ 19.95, the 6000 is $ 29.95. This additional $ 10 is not only good design, even if, as you get 5 custom buttons instead of 3 from 3000 There is also a "roller trigger" to make great use of the scroll wheel gently .

Both the Comfort Mouse 3000 and 6000 are out in April.