Friday, February 25, 2011

Robonaut 2 Robotic Assistant Leaves ISS

Space shuttle Discovery makes its final release last night and briefly mentioned that "the astronauts will be responsible for the replenishment of the International Space Station and the provision of a new robot assistance.

It 'was a robot called Robonaut 2 helper (a project originally developed by NASA and Grumman Aerospace before General Motors took over), which is $ 2,500,000 USD 330 pound robot head, torso NOVA style (think of the game with iPhone the same name), and two working arms.

In addition Robonaut 2 frame 3-foot steel and aluminum. His biceps bulge robot is capable of lifting 20 pounds in each hand. It also features more than 350 sensors and is powered by PowerPC processors 38, four cameras and an infrared camera that is on his head.

Their job is to live aboard the ISS to help (autonomously or via remote control) and interact with the crew. Primarily be implemented and used for tasks such as handling tools and flipping switches. In the hope that the future of NASA's Robonaut 2 will become a glorified nursing unit was being deployed outside the space station.