Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween Tale…



Let me tell you a story of a room with no view,
the windows are boarded, it’s door is locked too
no way can you enter this dark scary place,
as a man so alone wants to see no-ones face.


For many long years he’s lived locked inside
this room with no view, this place he can hide
deathless, seemingly immortal, he waits in vain
for his one true love, and it’s driven him insane


She left him heartbroken, no backward glance
She left him without pity, no second chance
Little did she know, he knew where she’d gone
he’s waiting for vengeance, her only child lives on


This child has grown. a young lady of means
she bought the house outright, totally unseen
She was excitedly viewing it, from top to bottom
BUT one door was locked,  a lost key forgotten


He waited for a chance to catch her alone
some friend had been there, now they’d gone,
As he heard her footsteps outside his room,
he whispered silently, “You’ll be with me soon”


I know no more of this unhappy tale
but the neglected house is again up ‘For sale’
Mayhap the Dark Room is still locked away
but could there be two who inhabit it today?


LadyP ©2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rustler Park Campground–Coronado National Forest

acorn leaves2 



Last Saturday (October 16th) we went up to Rustler Park Campground in the Coronado National Forest and just spend the day looking around and enjoying the sites and sounds. Autumn was definitely in the air!  :) 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There is no excuse -

 Horse 20percent

Going to Willcox today I see a horse standing next to a barb wired fence not too far from the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to turn around and go see if what I really saw … was what I really saw. I was almost in tears and then became furious. I took some pictures with the intentions of coming home and reporting this horse. I pulled the truck up to turn around on a small dirt road. I noticed a mailbox there with a name and address number on it. I later jotted them down. Then I saw an older man coming down the road. I put the passenger side window down to ask him if he owned horses. He said he did. I told him there was a horse standing at the fence a few paces back and that it was very malnourished looking. I asked him if it was his horse. He was hard of hearing so I had to repeat everything. He fumbled with words for a bit and told me he did have some horses. Then he asked if the one I saw was out of the fence. He told me that he did have one horse that just wouldn’t eat. I hate to say this, not knowing anything about this man, but I didn’t feel like he was being completely honest. I’m not the type who likes moseying around in everyone's business. But I cant just see a horse (or any animal for that matter) looking like it is starving to death and not do something. So yes, I called the humane society who had me call the Willcox police department who in turn gave me a number that deals with dead or mistreated livestock. I just got a call back from a woman there who needed more information and wanted me to send her a few of the pictures I took. Hopefully someone will do something for this horse and I pray it isn’t too late.

My Buddy….

I’ve just tried and failed to do a poem about my Bess, but nothing will work, nothing sounds right, it was too syrupy, it just, well,  sounded…ridiculous

SO, I’ll just say these words,

When I first had ownership of a small bundle of black and white fur of 8 weeks old, I had no idea how my life would be turned upside down. My home and garden too, if I’m perfectly honest.
My first and only dog, own, she was dependant on me and my then husband of course, but she was my idea and therefore my responsibility.  We’ve been through so much, the joys of owning a dog, having a sidekick, someone like Bess, who just makes life worth living.  Alright I admit, I have called her :- trouble, fun, joy, love, heartache, pain and last of all ‘someone’ of whom I will say has increased my joy in day to day living. To wake up of a morning (6 o’clock for walkies) and see her, ever ready for play  (Ughh)…her eyes, asking all the while .’What are we doing today eh?’ …Her ability to change your mood from sadness to a smile as she tries to bury the glove you lost, the sock you’ve been missing for ages, the way she barks at the Freezer, an old enemy, it’s the cold air perhaps?  who knows…and the ‘under the feet’ syndrome, as you’re walking into a room, ‘where are we going?’ turns into a howl, from you, as she’s tries to beat you to the back door, maybe to try and find something interesting outside.  eh?  ‘Are we?’

Most of all, this larger, older bundle of black and white fur, is in my heart, she makes me cry when she’s not well, she makes me laugh when we play, and she is my buddy…The years are getting on, the grey hairs are coming, (Bess not me!!  Hmmff), and she’s showing her age, slowing down a bit, not much but just enough to show the years.  I love you, Bess, I love you loads…I never, ever thought about the end of this partnership of ours, but it will come and I don’t know what I’ll do without you.  For now, as I carry you up the stairs you used to take in a few bounds (Osteoarthritis), as you bark to be let out and I watch you slowly make your way into the garden, (one changed over the years from orderly to dog -friendly, a mess really!)..I wonder how I’ll cope..but I will. sadder and lonelier than I’ve ever felt before…but I would not wish to have missed out on your company, your wet nose on my bare feet and most of all you..

02-06-10_134455  .. MY Buddy..


Apologies for being sentimental..She’s was ill this week..and it’s been a bit traumatic…But she is better, and I hope and pray she stays that way, for a long while to come.. (she’s 13)


LadyP x

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Hummers

We still have the hummers visiting our feeders but there isn’t near as many. The bees have slowed down on their visits too - and the bats have stopped coming altogether. The low evening temps are low to mid 50’s. I’ve noticed my goldfish are a little sluggish in the mornings. Guess I would be too if I had to live in an ice cold pond. I hope to get up to the mountains and catch some of the Fall colors before the leaves all drop to the ground. This weekend we’re off to Apple Annie's with my sister and her husband.  :)

Closing The Door.



You want an answer to your question

you want to know my decision today?

Surely you can tell I’m undecided

As I try to keep out of your way.


You wonder about my reasoning?

you wonder if I’ll turn you away?

surely you know I weigh the options

it’s best for me at the end of the day.


You have the answer to your question

yet still again you ask of me why?

Please accept what I say, just go away

Do I want to change suppliers?  NO, Goodbye!!



LadyP © 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keeping Pace



 It seems I’ve joined with WordPress

and Blogger, now I’m Twitter~ing too

armed with Pen Name and email address

I log into this and that, don’t you?

This modern life passes so quickly

like a blur, so I cannot keep pace

I get emails galore, showing updates and more

Seems I’m wired into the network race…….


( & I’m loving every minute.)


LadyP © 2010


Monday, October 11, 2010

Waxing Crescent Moon 10-10-10


Waxing Crescent Moon of 10-10-10. I’m just now beginning to learn about the moon phases and their names. Thought these turned out pretty cool. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.  :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Dragons Tale….


“Have you a spare moment to listen?”, the gruff voice said impatiently. It took me aback for a minute, even had my head swivelling this way and that, but there was no-one about. Then suddenly, just in front of my office desk, a large figure began to form.   It was a Green Dragon, and clasped in his right front claw was a small red pipe,  a smoking pipe at that,  which to my mind was not quite the norm.  He went on “Have you perhaps the knowledge of the nearest Dragon Lair?”…I stared open-mouthed, and finally answered “ You know, this is a no smoking area… and to be honest I have no idea where the lair could be…Have you tried asking in reception?” whilst thinking  “Now that’d give Imogen something to do other than polishing her nails!!”

He coughed, a large throaty cough, and a small spurt of bright yellowy/orange flame shot from his mouth,  which gave me rather a jolt as I wasn’t sure if the desk was fireproof, but I carried on regardless… “and I’m sure it’s against office policy to be shooting flames about.”    He begged pardon, and stared at me rather slyly, then lumbered over to my side of the desk. I had a thought to back away slightly, but this was my office and no-one,  especially a Dragon,  was scaring me.  So I looked up and met his eyes,  a rather long way to look up,  but I managed it without blinking, and saw to my surprise that his eyes were rather sad-looking.  Before I could stop myself I asked “Is everything ok? Maybe I can help in some other way?” and his sharp teeth suddenly appeared in a smile, I hoped it was a smile, which seemed to change his appearance from totally overpowering to just about friendly.  “Now that you ask, I think you could do me a favour, but you have to know the consequences before you answer my question.” ..I gulped as I was still staring at his teeth, and what a fine set of sharply point attributes they were, then at his claws which were still clutching his red pipe, now unlit as no smoke was issuing forth at all.   “Consequences?” I echoed..”What ever do you mean?”

He shifted position slightly and following my gaze to his pipe, he said “Oh dear,  I wasn’t concentrating'”  before I could object, he’d relit the pipe by spurting a small length of flame, and wispy smoke curled it's merry way to the ceiling once more., “Now, that’s a handy talent“ I thought, as he took a quick pull at the stem and blew small designs with the smoke,  at first a simple circle, then a flying bird, then finally a three-masted ship in full sail appeared in mid-air. Whilst I gasped at it’s intricate beauty, I was totally unaware of his gaze, his smile and finally the fact that we were both on the deck of the ship, with the sapphire blue expanse of the open seas before us.  “What on Earth" I spluttered, whilst totally overcome with heady excitement,  I was conscious of his gaze again and knew what I had to ask..     “You said something about a Question?”.. “Ah yes, so I did, “ he growled slightly, almost menacingly, “Do you wish for a different Life, Lady?, Do you wish for adventure and more? Think on, you must answer true.”   I opened my mouth to answer, but thoughts were swirling round my brain, each one as stupid as the last, “What about the balance sheets, what about the error in the figures,  What about my job,  what about ... nothing, what about adventure?”  and I finally found my voice and croaked “ I do” which sounded like a marriage vow, so I added quickly, “Yes I do wish that”

“Then let it be so,” He waved his pipe in a circle and muttered a few softly spoken indistinguishable words.. and the smoky form of the ship gained substance until there were firm wooden planks beneath my feet. “I..I..don’t even know your name” were the only words which came to mind. He coughed on his pipe, spluttered whilst roaring “WHAT? don’t you know that’s bad form. You must never ask my name. I will proffer it should I so wish, but no Dragon will ever give his true name, lest he be caught and overpowered by a spell. You may call me Fyrespike, “

‘Twas thus I met Fyrespike, and when I wish adventure, I only have to breathe his name. I still have no knowledge of his true Dragon name, but maybe one day he’ll trust me enough to share.….

but for now you must excuse me, these accounts won’t do themselves …take care fellow travellers…


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photo Art and Plug-ins


1st photo - Marigold in a pot on our deck.

2nd photo -I used the VM Natural plug-in. Set on the Splash effect. Then I used the Texturizer plug-in. Set on 'Sandstone’ to give the photo a bit of a rough texture.
Maximillian Art

1st photo - Maximilian bush in our yard.

2nd photo – For the life of me I can’t remember what plug-in I used to create the effect on this one. I know it’s a ‘Glass’ effect of some sort. I made the mistake of not writing it down before creating this post. It’s neat looking though huh?
Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon Art
1st photo – Rose of Sharon flower from our Rose of Sharon bush. Which was given to  me by my sister several years ago. The bush bloomed beautifully this year.  :)

2nd photo – This was made with one of my newest plug-ins. The plug-in is called Virtual Photographer and I used the ‘Shoebox’ effect. I’m really liking the effects this plug-in creates.

Click to enlarge each photo to see the details better.
*The art was created in PhotoShop CS5. The plug-ins can be downloaded for free and can be used in both PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro. I know this because I have both programs.  ;)

The plug-in VM Natural can be download here -
The plug-in Virtual Photographer can be downloaded here -
*(when you install Virtual Photographer it will be listed as “optikVerve Labs” on your plug-ins list)