Thursday, February 24, 2011

Windows 7 SP1 update in the wild is available

If you do not belong to any of Microsoft's secret societies, in which case it is already running, the first service pack for Windows Update in Windows 7 from popping around the corner now. For many system administrators out there, this news, the first week long. Week, which usually must be stopped, the machines are updated separately, and of course to be ready if something goes wrong .

A notable feature this update really is not even in the update, but its implementation. Microsoft made it easy (or more) for system administrators to manually apply Service Pack 1 update.

By providing a huge file (2GB) and installed capacity and options for all versions of Windows 7, Microsoft has created the opportunity for time and resources can be saved. Not before time, the network location is not complicated, installation instructions, do not install the wrong version by mistake. Simply download the file on a memory stick or CD and turn the car you're good to go. It is an important step for Microsoft to achieve its objectives, ensuring that all computers are in the current version.

So home users are, why you should take the SP1 update today? As always with Service Pack is first and foremost a collection of security updates that have been published so far. In addition, a method of stabilization was implemented new performance standards that allows a more stable, as the recovery of Windows, which is designed to ensure open files are still there, even when the computer shuts down. Microsoft has also implemented a new licensing system for Remote Desktop, which enables secure computing experience at a distance.

To download the SP1, just go to Windows Update icon in the Control Panel, and install the latest updates. This initial process is of short duration, but will require a reboot. The total time for the upgrade is estimated at 15 min. Good luck!