Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Left Overs From The Hunger Games

Last night my family and I saw The Hunger Games midnight release.  It was a lot of fun though for us all to go we had to save up some…food alone…ugh, the prices.  We’ve really enjoyed the books and it’s been fun to go to the show after that…sort of the icing on the cake.  I thought all in all they did a good job adapting the story to the big screen…it’s quite a dark show though, make no mistake and the books…darker still.  I knew after reading the last book I really wanted to see the show.  Closing the back cover left me excited for what it would be like in the theater

.  If you’ve not read it I recommend it…three books…all worth the read. 
Okay, there’s The Hunger Games…where do the left overs come in?  Well, since I had limited time yesterday I kept some photos and waited until today to post.  The weather is really amazing right now

.  The skies are beautiful, the buds are beginning to show themselves and the sun has that warmth showing through that I’ve so longed for

.  The greens of spring have been quite slow to show but it is slowly making itself known

.  I love when the buds just start popping wide open…as of today these are much more open then in this photo

.  I�$99m ready for the bleak scene in our backyard to green up, I have to tell you…just look at the dead leaf remnants in our rocks

.  The house finches are so pretty to see.  I heard some chirping and looked up to see this handsome little fellow

.  It won’t be long and I’ll be in this spot taking pictures of the storms that roll by on the plains in the spring

.  This little ironwork bird is sitting and waiting for the warmer days to come

…I can hardly wait!  The dead leaves in the rocks will give way to our potted garden

.  This year we’ve got everything from egg plants to Asian peppers…it will be beautiful and tasty!  This is the beginning of every*walk I take around here…care to join me


Leavin' on a jet plane....

don't know when I'll be back again.
Wanna go?  3 seats left.
ah, well.
Moving on......
Got my toes did by a munchkin
the other day!
Have a great day!