Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Page Turner..


Tis a book like no other, no tale to tell,

forever open, with blank pages turning

Shouldst thou murmur a spell, incant the words well

thou wilt be blessed by a great deal of learning,


But beware of the Book before thou casts a first look

shouldst thy incant be in doubt , thou must ponder,

couldst thou pay the high fee, for it waits with such glee

as thou become trapped by a feeling of wonder


Yes, this Knowledgeable Book, tricks some who look

taking their minds and thoughts without sorrow

it just lives to take, there’s no pity at stake

so beware and mayhap think again on the ‘morrow…


LadyP © 2010


I’m going away on Holiday for a while.  I hope to catch up with everyone as soon as I return… take care,. my friends., and bye for now   .xPenx


Friday, July 30, 2010

Desert Willow Lei

Desert Willow Flower
1 (2)  1 (3)
1 (5)
heart lei2

When I walked out to our backyard this morning with two cats in tow - I certainly didn’t think I’d be making a lei. But I noticed all the desert willow flowers on the ground under our tree. The tree bloomed wonderfully this year and the flowers smell fantastic. Bees and butterflies are very attracted to it. I came in the house in search of some fishing wire to string the flowers on. As I was picking the flowers up off the ground I could hear the dust cropper (airplane) in the background. He was dusting the corn field just behind our property. Of course I had to run back in the house and get my camera to get pictures of it but that’s another post. Today, I’m simply sharing my pretty pink lei with you.  :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yellow Fairy Slippers

It’s as if little faries with long legs and wearing yellow slippers have dived head first into the flower …

Pink Bo Peep

Monday, July 26, 2010




Do you know me?

Say you do,

say you know my name

say it please I beg this day

for I forget, am I to blame?


I had a dream

that once I roamed

this world without a thought

but troubles came using my name

they came and I was caught…


I once was whole,

I once breathed life

into every living thing

I kept this world safe from harm

who tears me apart, poisoning?


Do you know me?

please, say you do….

for I forget my name

Was I Gaia?…Guardian of Earth…

Is it you should feel the shame?



LadyP © 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

What an Exhilarating Experience!

On my way home from Willcox yesterday I thought I'd pull off on the side of the road and check out the hawks nest again. I was pretty sure I had missed my chance of seeing any babies since the last time I stopped (I blogged about it) and saw the mom on the nest was on June 18th. A little over a month ago. But just as I was pulling off the side of the road I could see a small head in the nest! I couldn't believe it! The dead tree that the nest is on is about about 20 yards from the road and behind a barb-wired fence. Depending on your stride that's about 20 or 25 steps away, Just far enough away to not get the good clear pictures I would like to have. As I was taking pictures of the baby I saw the momma hawk fly in from the corner of my eye. I'm sure she had me pegged the minute I pulled the truck off the road. I took pictures of her and the baby both .. wishing like heck I had a better telephoto lens. Or a boom on the back of my truck with a bucket on it to lift me up closer to the nest! Seriously Pat, how much will that set us back?

After about 10 minutes I pulled the truck up a little to get more pictures of the momma from her front side. She allowed me to continue taking pictures for just a few seconds more and then decided I over-stayed my welcome. As she flew off her perch I didn't think anything of it until I realized she was headed straight for me! First picture below. She let out a loud screech and a split second later I almost tumbled to the ground trying to get the hell out of her way! I could literally feel the wind from her wings! I kept firing the camera. She dive-bombed me 3 times. All of the pictures of her in the air are just after her dive-bombs. After the third time my nerves were pretty rattled and I knew she was stressing about the safety of her baby .. so I left. But oh man! What an exhilarating experience that was!

Click on photos to BIGIFY.

Dive Bomb2




*Side Note – I only saw the one chick and the one adult hawk. I don’t know if there were other chicks or not, or if perhaps the others had already fledged? I’ve read that the mother stays at the nest even after the chicks arrive and that the dad is the one that brings food to all of them. I only saw the one adult hawk and thank gawd! Two of them may have very well taking my butt down!

Black as Oil……..



Oh you mockers, wagging your finger,

shaking your heads, with eyes that linger,

on heads bowed down in abject sorrow

come the day, come tomorrow,

Seems that nothings come to pass

dreams have broken,  shattered glass,

nothing is as it seems at all

you climbed so high, but now you fall

down, far down, to the darkness waiting

you tried and failed and now they’re baiting

calling for blood as you once did,

so, finish it now, close the damned lid,

on all that future, promised bright

now what’s left?…’tis black as night…


LadyP © 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Digital Waybill

Digital Waybill is a software company that makes software for courier services. The courier software  does GPS tracking, online ordering and integrates directly with Quickbooks. 

All it takes is about five minutes to set up our courier software. And about half hour to customize the delivery software to meet your unique business needs. The software is as simple as using you email and if you do not know to use the electronic mail services, nothing to worry, digital Waybill will help you in every step of the way. It can’t get easier than that!

Here are some of the things that Digital Waybill is proud of and is what most of their customers have to say about this product:

  • Seamless Quickbooks integration. Usually, invoicing takes hours, but with this software it’s done in minutes!
  • Monthly billing, no long term commitment or large amount of money up front!
  • Free trial of the product allows everybody to really learn the product.
  • Personal customer support, if they don't answer immediately which is rare, they always respond right back.
  • The remote assistance makes any issues you have, a non-issue; they can see exactly what you are talking about.
  • Within the first month of implementing Digital Waybill, their client received a new customer, just based on the fact that they can visually track their drivers and could show the prospect in the system, something they were promised by another courier that never happened.

USB eye Massager

Are you one of the million people who sit in front of the computer all day long at work, and then get home to watch tv and in the process straining your eyes to the core? Well, here is the USB eye massager is designed for you people. Once plugged into a USB port, the massager automatically turns on, and begins the massage. There are two different speeds, “high speed” and “low speed”. Apparently, the massage is pretty much the best thing ever invented which helps to "aid digestion, fight against infection" and that it "stimulates the lymphatic system." All that from two fingers being jammed into your eye socket.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keep Your Nerve..


Ah yes, this was the place, the number on the door was correct, this was where the 'happening' was going to be held...It looked a gigantic dark building... Knock on the door, go on....knock...So said the voice inside her head, whilst her hand, almost of it's own accord, raised itself, lifted the large brass Lions Head, and let it drop..."Bang" it went, almost startling her in it's loudness... She took a step backwards, almost ready to run should the knock not be answered...Her nerves were bad enough as it was, thinking of what lay ahead tonight... But no, the doorknob started turning, then the massive door creaked open, to reveal a shape, a very large shape blocking out the light from within... "You knocked?"  the voice queried..."Yes" she squeaked nervously, and managed to ask..."Is this the Martins Residence?"...

The figure moved slightly so she now had a better view from the light shining from the lamppost on the street, ...My goodness, he was tall...6' 6" if she was a good judge..... "You're slightly early?"...the man almost accused..."Weren't you informed of the change to the starting time?" She stared, open mouthed, "but surely? can't be much later than this?"...They needed to start now, as soon as possible...or else it'll be much too late... He kept his darkly brooding eyes staring directly into her startled gaze, almost considering her statement, then, as if making his mind up, suddenly stepped aside and beckoned her to enter the abode.... She could hear the excited voices within, eager voices, voices suddenly high pitched, almost squealing...Voices which chilled her to the bone... Her heart beats quickened, it was nearly time, she had been readying herself for this moment, this stage in her life, almost before she could remember. She need to do this, and yes, she had tried to once before, but her nerve had given out. He ushered her into the first room off the massive hallway, it was a sumptuously decorated room, empty though, except for the one table, topped by lighted mirrors and a couple of chairs set near the wall, just to the left of the large un-curtained double windows...

'Do you have everything you require?'  his deep voice questioned behind her...She jumped, as her thoughts had turned inwards, thinking about what she had to do, 'Yes, thank you, ' she replied,  always polite, always ready to respond to friendly overtures. Although, looking at him, friendly wouldn't have been the first word she'd have come up with to describe him. She placed her bag on the chair, turned to look at him and firmly repeated ' Yes, thank you, I'll be fine, I have all I could need'.... He gazed at her for a couple of seconds, even that was almost too long a time.  He seemed to soften his attitude slightly, looking down at her from his lofty heights, was that pity in his glance?  'You'll be fine'...Then abruptly left the room, almost as if regretting his kind words...

She sat in front of the lighted mirror, attending to her makeup, then finally put on her costume, all the while thinking as if almost trying to comfort herself...'It won't be like the last time, I mean it's not as if they could kill me or could they?' The sudden appearance of the figure at the door startled her again and the voice stated blandly..."You ready ?...They're all waiting for you,"

She straightened, stretched her arms out wide and took a steadying deep breath, trying hard to calm herself. She followed him to the door of the next room, where they halted a second or two, listening, as the voices seemed even louder, frantic almost, surely they wouldn't harm her?...

'In you go' he said, as with a push to the small of her back, he almost threw her past the opened door,  threw her to the mercy of................

a room full of screaming children, various ages by the look of things, as her startled gaze tried to figure out where to stand..., “ Heaven help me, “  she thought, “being a Children's Entertainer really took it out on your nerves...Ah well....The show must go on.....”


LadyP © 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black Eyed Susan

Bought myself some Black Eyed Susan while in Walmart yesterday. And a large pot to put them in.  Don’t they put a smile on your face?

I’ve had some of the solid black bumble bees for a while now but haven’t seen many of the yellow and black ones. Notice the bee tongue in the bottom photo going into the flower. I don’t have a Macro Lens but can’t wait to get my hands on one! So I can get better up close pictures.

When I took this photo one of the birds had already fledged the nest. I climbed the ladder to get a picture of the last two before they took flight. They didn’t look none to happy to see my camera in their face so I backed off after a firing a couple shots. Mom, Dad and all three babies are still alive and here in our yard.  :)

Click on the photos to BIGIFY. I Googled and was surprised to see that’s actually a word! lol.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tiny But Cute



I don’t know what this little guy is but he wasn’t much bigger than a nickel. A baby butterfly or moth? Does anyone know? Click the photos to see them larger.

In The Yard

Busy little guy. Couldn’t get him to sit still.

Day Lily – one mom gave me.

Yarrow and Critters 
Yarrow and critters. Not sure what all they are.

Shrooms – these are tiny but if we start getting more rain I’ll have lots more to take pictures of.  :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Four Legged Brats

June Bug
Junior (aka - June and June Bug) is a daddy’s boy and the biggest cry baby cat I’ve ever had. lol.


Autumn (aka – Aud, Audie) She adopted us last October. Showed up starving and needing a place to call home. Likes to dig holes to China and chase anything that moves.


Emma (aka – Em, and Miss Mess) She and Junior are siblings – brother and sister.

Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey - was a half wild cat and has been gone for about a month now. We were very fond of him and it breaks my heart to think he’s gone for good this time. He’s been known to leave us before though … so maybe we’ll get lucky and find him at the back door again one day soon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horned Toad

toad1 toad2
toad4 toad5
Horny Toads are rough to the touch but have a soft under belly. Much like a lizard. In fact they are related to the lizard family. Their spiny spikes won’t pierce your skin like you might think but you still have to handle them carefully.

The Horned Toad ( we call them Horny Toads) is not poisonous but they have an odd defense. Some can spit blood from their eyes if they feel threatened or cornered. I’ve always known they could do this but had never seen it until trying to free one that got stuck in the chicken wire that lines the bottom of our fence. I was stunned to say the least. So much for being thankful! The little fart.

This little guy (in the photos above) is hanging out in my husbands garden and around his shop, feasting on ants and other small critters. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

More info about Horned Toads here …

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let the recruiters find you!!

Are you looking for jobs on Careerbuilder, Monster etc.? Well, these are sites that are best for people who are looking for jobs, like for me a month ago. But, perhaps there is something you didn't know - When you post your resume on a job board such as Monster or Hotjobs, your resume can only be viewed by employers who have a paid account. Well, it's true. So this means that if you only post to the job boards you are limiting yourself tremendously!

Now, resume bucket is one place where you can get your resume on the internet so that any recruiter can see it. Recruiters have become much savvier about how to search the internet for resumes, so as long as you have the appropriate key words, your resume will be available to them for free. Check out a sample resume.

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Here is a way you can preserve our environment and energy by using rechargeable batteries, rather than using plain disposable batteries that are harmful to our environment. So, by not using rechargeable batteries, not only do we end up spending more money but also end up polluting the environment.

Here is something that will surely catch your attention: You must have heard of rechargeable batteries which was released first in the 80’s and became a huge hit because it could be used over and over again. You must have heard of charging the batteries using electricity and power outlets and there are latest ones that use solar power for recharging. Well here is a USB AA rechargeable batteries. USBCELL AA batteries are standard rechargeable batteries but in order to recharge them you need to remove the top of the battery and plug them into the USB port. It takes about an hour to recharge it to 50%.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Western Kingbird Babies -

WKB mom

Western Kingbird babies are being raised by both the mom (above photo) and dad in a basket nailed just under the roof of our front porch. I had to climb up to the top of a ladder to get these photos. Quite a balancing act since vertigo has always been a problem for me. The slideshow doesn't do the photos justice .. Does anyone know of a free and good slidshow out there? That will also give you an embed code? Click on the two photos above to see them larger.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee  Carpenter Bee

Common Buckeye  Common Buckeye

Ladybug and What2 Can anyone tell me what critter that is following the ladybug? Is that a baby Carpenter Bee?

Pipvine Swallowtail 
Pipevine Swallowtail

Western White

 Western White3 Western White4 Western White Butterfly

Western White Butterfly2   Western White5

On a wild Gaillardia also known as a Blanket Flower.