Monday, February 9, 2009

Become the Star Gazer

So, you are sitting at home and really bored and do not know what to do? You feel like going out and sitting in your garden and staring at the stars, but its too cold outside and cant do that too?? Here is a way you can do that just by sitting at home. No, I am not asking you to break open your roof, all you need is the Star Laser. The Star Laser is an electronic device that projects green laser stars along with blue cloud formations to give you the feeling that you're floating in space.

The Star Laser Projector can be adjusted to fill up your ceiling, walls, floor, or even the side of your house with a soothing star field created by green lasers and holographic optics. Here are a few things that the Star Laser contains:

  • 2 built-in glass lenses

  • Thousands of green lasers

  • Multiphase diffractive holographic optics