Friday, February 4, 2011

Mayor Of Boston, Suggested Flamethrower To Clear Snow

In 1948, Boston experienced a Snowpocalypse their own. At that time, then Mayor James Curley (not pictured) was looking for a way to break a huge amount of snow that fell when he did not melt at once the cause of the severe flooding in the city.

So, like any good mayor, Curley looked smarter minds to it and sent a letter to the geniuses from MIT looking for a possible solution. Only in his letter that he made a series of recommendations for removal of such a massive accumulation of snow that the use of chemicals and flamethrowers.

You read that right. Curley suggested flamethrower to address the problem of huge snow removal.

Do not know about you, but when the flamethrowers are not the most environmentally sound alternative to clear roads of snow and ice, I'd be first in line to use only clear my freaking road so I could actually go to my car this week.