Friday, February 4, 2011

Nokia Share Increase, As Windows 7 Phone Rumors Swirl

Throughout most mobile phone company, Nokia is reeling under the onslaught of blows struck by the likes of Google and Apple. New CEO of the Finnish company has made no secret of his face from society if they do not change, and rapid change: the extinction.

Nokia has a big announcement scheduled for next Friday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and then I do not know what will happen to stock Nokia is on the rise that analysts fell all guess Nokia announces the adoption of Microsoft Windows operating system Phone 7 .

Much of the speculation seems to be headed by CEO Stephen ELOP recent comments that Nokia "should be built, catalyze or participate in a competitive situation ecosystem" that is widely interpreted as an allusion to the fact that Nokia will adopt a third party for the OS its smartphones to come, leaving the likes of Symbian, which is already dead and effectively MeeGo has much to do for himself to get market share.

Why Windows 7 Phone? Mostly it's because of the relationship before ELOP with Microsoft: It was the former director of Microsoft Business Division, if a partnership makes sense.

Nokia is also expected once the U.S. market seriously, after forgetting it for years because of its problems, such as the American carrier operates. The decision to ignore most of America is often the reason cited Nokia fortunes have suffered in recent years.

The question remains, however: Windows 7 Phone is really going to change things for Nokia? It is better than Symbian but Windows 7 Phone is still true to his own feeling again. Can a Nokia / Windows 7 phone alliance will really interest people about these two products?