Monday, February 21, 2011

G155 Xbox 360 & PS3 Slim self-contained gaming case

If you're determined to take your Xbox 360 with you, and are not as technically gifted as Ben Heck did modding your portable gaming solution, you can try this alternative case full of features, GAEMS place.

Sporting a sturdy bag weighs 10 kg (4.53 kg), which is low, G155 is a 15.5-inch LED display HD HDMI interface standard, integrated stereo speakers (more than 3.5 mm headphone port) and is designed to accommodate both the fattest of the Xbox 360, a slim version or the PS3 Slim.

In addition, the bag has space for the driver, power supply and other accessories, and the case has a foam base to keep the console in use, and ventilation.

The only downside is it costs almost $ 300, which is more than the console itself. But if you're desperate for one of these cases, the company is taking pre-orders now (due April) you will also get a discount of $ 20 for your trouble.

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