Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mitsubishi improves LCD TV color output with a red laser

Improving the quality of color LCD TV, we all look apparently requires the use of lasers. Although RGB is already used in some laser light projection televisions are expensive. Mitsubishi has found a way to use a single laser, thus reducing the additional costs still need to improve the color quality of consumption patterns.

46-inch prototype unit has been established that uses a red laser diode and a pair of cyan LED. While the laser is responsible for producing red, cyan LED control both the Greens and the results blue.The you can see in the picture above, which is a red laser output to the left. Other model Mitsubishi TV is already available on the market today.

Red was chosen as the green or blue laser, according to Mitsubishi, gave the best results in full vitality. One of the green and blue was also important because apparently caused by the use of color in part is irregular.

Using this method, Mitsubishi may be able to increase the color LCD 1.3-fold, or 126% color gamut. All other aspects of the LCD TV will remain the same, such as brightness and power consumption.

Mitsubishi will begin selling the new laser TV by the end of the year in Japan. No price has been set yet.