Monday, February 7, 2011

Vtz 250cc Honda

Honda Motor Co. (Ltd) is launched in 1984, has a good reputation and overall performance to match a simple, no fairing "Honda VTZ250" As the successor model, improvements in environmental foot motor sports bike a redesigned exterior, "Honda VTZ250"

This VTZ250 while improving overall performance and torque out of fuel, much lighter (152 kg dry weight 144 kg →) achieved. Sports teams, and an emphasis on lighter, along with great style that gives you a simple texture, has become a sport of high performance bike, feel free to enjoy, from beginners to experienced riders, with a wide range of needs of people must be answered.

Engine, the VTZ250 series (published in June 1982) is a water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC genealogy · a two-cylinder type 90 V degree is designed to reduce friction and ensure a more efficient intake and exhaust. 43PS/12 output 500rpm, torque 2.5kg-m/10, 500rpm, mileage 52.2 km / l (50 kmh Place of execution of the test), while raising the low speed range on a daily basis is also a lot of improve production capacity.

Ri Ratio Meguri foot body, a rigid spirit of simplicity and light weight (diamond-like) and S 3-spoke aluminum wheels cast of characters cross section (about 17 inches), large-diameter (281 mm) in front of Furotingudisukubureki approved .

I already owned this and I will try to sell it for only 50k PHP try to comment if you want ..
contact for info (09391281781)
Style and clean, stressed the sports equipment and light.

Model: Vtz 250cc Honda
* 6 gears
* 40hp
* New WoF as of listing - 20 June at VTNZ
* Flew through WoF, can provide sheet
* 6 months registration as of - 24 June (bought online, just waiting for tag to arrive, next couple days)
* Top speed 175km/h
* Oil change every 7k, last done 2k ago.
* Engine not leaking oil
* 100% reliable
* New chain
* Newish tyres
* 27km/L - Just over 300km on 11L before hitting reserve. 13L tank.
* V-twin - Forgiving on corners and great acceleration
* Reason for selling: Buying a new cruiser for my back.
* Starter motor is literally flicked to start the engine, hold it down no longer than a half second.
* Water cooled
* Not fighting with rust
* No dents/damage in metal(fuel tank/frame etc)
* No holes in exhaust
* No smoke from exhaust
* Never stopped while running
* Two road trips down to Wellington non-stop(excluding petrol) without a single issue, took about six and a half hours.
* Great to learn on (my first bike)
* Sounds great
* Can test ride
* Old
* Paint thinning on exhaust