Monday, February 14, 2011

Windows Phone 7: Copy-Paste Multi-tasking

When Windows Phone 7 last year, without multi-tasking, or cut and paste support (Microsoft makes a mockery of the features of Apple for years, is the iPhone OS), Microsoft has promised to rectify the situation quickly.

How long? Four months later and we still do not know, but it seems that Microsoft has announced it is preparing a major update for Windows 7 Phone that will add to both multi-tasking, cut and paste, and a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 operating system.

How multitasking work? As in IOS or webOS, this particularly fast application switching. Simply press the Back button to return to his past userd application or hold the key to access screen changes, showing images of open applications to pass through. Re-enter a request, and returns immediately.

In other words, unlike what we mean by multitasking on a desktop OS, multi-tasking in Windows 7 Phone freezes applications in their state on exit and you can instantly switch between them, while other key APIs - as the background audio - continues to operate.

The new version is a major improvement IE9, as the current Windows 7 telephone handsets ship with IE7 four year old child.

Another feature is that it comes WP7 SkyDrive, which will give users 25 GB of cloud storage line connecting both the office and the smartphone.

Regarding IE9 copy and paste, and multitasking, while it is set to be introduced as part of a monolithic system updates the call due to "current year" are just copy and paste officially WP7 all handsets next month.