Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sprint will unveil dual-screen Android phone

Shortly after the iPhone Verizon began in mid-January last month Sprint sent a mysterious invitation to a press conference in New York with an appearance by the magician David Blaine. At that time, speculation that Sprint would also get the iPhone, now AT & T exclusivity has expired.

Well, Sprint will be tonight at six, and if a report in the Wall Street Journal is anything to go by, is a strange lot from another company to get the iPhone. In contrast, the WSJ sources say that Sprint will launch the Eco Kyocera smartphone, a phone designed to meet the areas and the smartphone platform with a unique dual screen design.

Apparently, the Echo will run Android and be a true multi-tasking device, applications do not only run in the background, but to allow two applications running side by side, like a desktop operating system. This design also allows items to be dragged and shared between the crystals.

Does the phone look strange to you? Kyocera and Sprint are putting much emphasis on his new hinge design allows two screens to refresh the echo that folds with a screen behind the other, making a device in a more traditional single screen. Presumably, this "magic" of the ability of Kyocera Echo is that you can blame David Blaine on appearance.

We know everything in an hour and a half, but if you are waiting for the echo of Kyocera using Sprint's WiMAX network, think again: Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal reports that the echo is a single case 3G.