Friday, February 25, 2011

PlayStation 2 mod creates new portable machine

The PlayStation 2 is a console gamers will never forget a few. Unlike clumsy start of the PS3, which was perfect monitoring of the PSOne and sold like hotcakes, and continued to sell millions, but was replaced.

But still I have my PS2 on television, some people decided to start experimenting with the hardware in place. One such person is a modder United Kingdom under the name of techknott who managed to convert a PS2 console PS2 in a handheld unit.

Drive is mounted on the back and the Dual Shock controller is installed in the headquarters and reorganized around the screen in the PSone console screen enhancement. This is a 5-inch TFT color LCD, which is not enough.

Although it is a bulky unit, I can still see it is okay to take while playing for relatively long periods. This is not the PSP, however, and can currently be played on the road because of the lack of a battery.

Techknott actually makes your handheld as a commission, but the person who did not respond to most. Your only alternative is to sell to the highest bidder through the forums ModRetro