Thursday, February 10, 2011

HTC to debut their own Facebook phone

Mobile World Congress this year seems to be a strong presence in Facebook. Earlier today we heard about the new Facebook INQ two phones, and now sources say the Financial Times that HTC will release their own mobile Facebook, which have a dedicated button which, at least act as a shortcut to the largest social network.

The phone - which is probably an Android phone due to the scalability of this operating system - can offer greater integration with Facebook in a quick launch button however. Although details are not known at this stage, it is possible that HTC Facebook API used to integrate the state of social networking, photo and video sharing.

One way they could do that is by software HTC Sense, changing the UI, they send all their Android phones. This user interface has a level of integration of Facebook in the way they prefer updates and allows users to post messages to their profile from a central point.

Maybe HTC ways to expand considerably Sense IU to manage more robust feature Facebook, and the new shortcut button is simply an external reflection of modifying the software. Anyway, it works very, very likely that HTC plans to more than balance the second hardware button on each phone with a source told the Financial Times that the Facebook feature remains "one of the main shoot of the HTC the year. "