Thursday, February 10, 2011

Activision kills Guitar Hero, DJ Hero franchises

Only five years after the first game was released almost universal acclamation, the Guitar Hero franchise is officially dead after publisher Activision announced yesterday that they would be decided by the music-gaming business.

The measure, which saw hundreds of workers lose their jobs effectively cancels the next Guitar Hero, due for release in 2011. The next game DJ Hero series has been canceled.

It's not really a surprise, though it is sad to see what had been one of the best video games of all time to govern the country. Playing with the music business of supersaturation has been declining for some time: when Activision has sold 1.5 million copies of the third Guitar Hero game series in the first month, the last game of the series are sold only 86,000 copies of the same month .

Guitar Hero is not only the title of a music game business problems: a few months ago, Viacom has also closed the MTV Games division to publish and sell Rock Band maker Harmonix.

It 's strange apathy when game was plenty of death Guitar Hero franchise, some people would have to show that the real cause of music are in decline because of the expense of incredible titles licensed songs.

Nevertheless, it seems that the old guard of the game music is dead and now we must look new. It's the end of an era.