Thursday, February 24, 2011

Motorola gets sued for Xoom trademark infringement

Today is the release date of Motorola Xoom. This is an important day for Motorola, not only the release of the first tablet of a honeycomb, which are device independent author was able to compete as Android compressed to 10 cm before the beginning of the iPad 2.

It is also the day that Motorola continued to trademark infringement. Online payment of Xoom Corporation, the company has filed a lawsuit against the Motorola brand in the Northern District of California, asked the court for a permanent injunction, but also a "temporary restraining order and / or an injunction."

You will not get - there is simply no way to stop the release roller Xoom - but is an interesting combination of Xoom, because there seems to be in the wrong, or troll. They have the trademark owned by Xoom since 2003. In addition, Motorola has the brand awareness, as they also own and maintain

Xoom alleges that Motorola trademark infringement is "knowingly and willfully", and it seems hard to believe he is not. Presumably, Motorola believes that the mark is protected, but only in markets that have nothing to do with the tablets ... or felt they could afford to fight against this trial, as he came.

Anyway, is a rare case, since - at least - would have known Xoom Motorola trying to buy the brand. Motorola has changed the name of Xoom? Ultimately, it depends on two things: if the courts rule in favor of Xoom Corporation, and if the Xoom is popular enough to be more than a flash in the pan.