Sunday, February 20, 2011

A laundry folding robot?

Certainly one of the next tasks to be dishes in our house is folding laundry. Of course, it's a breeze to wash clothes and put them in the dryer, but in fact fold clothes and store always seems to take forever.
Good thing that the technology may be the answer to this tedious household chore that can only be a few years away from the average consumer, and that there is a robot folding laundry. Founder of the genes robot at the University of California at Berkeley, this robot can be folded clothes, using green screen technology and a technique called "diversion." Technology eliminates the entire background of the vision of the robot so that only need to wear an object can be bent.

How about turning the socks that have turned upside down, then you ask? This robot also has a solution to this dilemma laundry using a short pole to put socks on the right-back.