Friday, February 25, 2011

Vstone’s mini robot marathon starts

Robot maker Vstone Co., Ltd. launched the first marathon of humanoids (or the little robot guy who has his arms and legs), today at 10:00 Japan time. In total there are 5 participants, and is estimated to be spam until Sunday to complete the full 42.195 km marathon in Osaka.

Vstone Co., Ltd. uses the marathon to show how their humanoid robots can deal with this daunting task, especially since all participants must run a marathon without stopping.

One of the humanoids will be on hand with a mini-robot car so you can see live video of the race from the perspective of robots. You can watch the marathon in action below (note: there seems to be a series of announcements to come before you can see, that is a link).

This is not the first time we saw the mini-robot to withstand periods of strength compared to last year, reported that Panasonic Evolta robot along its path of 500 km route from Tokyo to Kyoto.