Friday, February 11, 2011

Manual controls, an f1.8 lens and a big sensor make the Nikon P300 a winner

Nikon has announced a wave of new Coolpix digital cameras today, and although they are all fairly typical, that stands out from its brethren in the Nikon digital camera adorable P300 for professionals who want a little more oomph future of a game shots to the pocket.

Similar Canon S95, Nikon P300 is a compact digital camera is a big, beautiful probe target at high speed and a lot of manual controls for professionals.

The sensor has a 1/2.3-inch case, assembling 12.3 million pixels on a plate against the light of CMS, while the lens is about 24-100mm with a 35mm equivalent. The most impressive on this objective is the opening, which opens as wide as f1.8 which is impressive level SLR (the best goal I have for my Nikon D3000 open only to 1.8.) While ISO is pretty nice, running to 3200, although - as usual - you'll probably want to stop in 1600 in the noise.

Manual controls cover the full range of functions of exposure. Other features of the P300 are image stabilization and a large three inch LCD screen on the back as well as full support for 1080p video.

It's a pretty good camera. The only problem is that it lacks the ability to shoot RAW. Usually, this digicam is not big problem, but because the cell size and beauty of the lens, this is a camera that would have been able to get at least the possibility of shooting in RAW, especially when the competition - which is similarly priced to tags P300 $ 400 for all it is.