Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aquafairy fuel cell charges iPhone in 90 minutes: just add water

The promise of fuel cells that gives us all the day / week / month of energy has been around for several years. I look forward to dumping my rechargeable batteries for a while, instead of replacing them with a fuel cell that can fill and forget for more than 30 hours.

Until now, these fuel cells have been only a research project in the best, with launches planned for not proceeding, or quantities are limited and expensive that you can not buy one and never hear from them again.

This situation could change, however. Aquafairy Japanese company have developed a new fuel cell specifically targeting cell phones. This is called AF-M3000, and even if it does not fit inside a handset, it does promise to charge you if you add a little water.

This promotional video shows Aquafairy released their fuel cell technology, the power of different devices, such as charging a cell phone using water as fuel.

The fuel cell uses calcium hydroxide, which produces hydrogen gas when added to water. This in turn reacts with oxygen to produce the energy needed to recharge the phone battery. Aquafairy say-AF M3000 produces 3 watts and can be downloaded from the iPhone for 90 minutes.

As with any new technology, fuel cell is not cheap. When he was released in April you can expect to pay about $ 320 for it.