Thursday, February 3, 2011

JVC GX-PX1 Do 1080p Video Shoots Stills At 60 Frames Per Second

This year's CES, one of the concepts that were most enthusiastic was a JVC GX-PX1, a hybrid camera / camcorder with absolutely gorgeous to look at it: GX PX1 looked like a camera lens is inserted on a thin frame and number of fire.

Unfortunately, JVC was not interested in show at CES, so we were left slightly curious about it since. Fortunately, the guys over at Impress had the chance to take a look at the latest prototype, and although this is not a product ready for a release date yet, this is a really nice camera .

Leaf-wise, we are studying. The lens barrel is a long optical zoom capable of ten degrees of increase, which acts as a student of a backlight image sensor capable of breaking 10 million pixels and 1080p video at speeds of up to 36 Mbps . If you're willing to give up a certain loyalty, you can even see the camera up to 5.7 megapixel stills sixty images per second. Wow!

between 100 and ISO 6400 (then 1600 is probably the largest that is useful). On the back of the GX-PX1, a 3-inch touch screen 230k points. Storage treated SD / SDHC / 32 GB SDXC slot and more capability. A complete list is a specific optical image stabilizer and the accumulator, which allows you to take still images up to 320 before going to the bottom.

There are many questions here, but the GX-PX1 appears to be a digital camera and camcorder both attractive. If the price is right and still images as well as video, this could be one of the most talked about cameras in the holiday season.