Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sony Is Working On Hack-proof PS3 With 300 GB Hard Drive

When pirates Chaos Congress last year announced the method by which they had found the master key for PlayStation 3, which was immediately obvious to most that the PlayStation 3 just irrevocably hijacked. The master key, after all, allows any piece of code to impersonate Sony officially sanctioned code. Worse, the key is encoded on each PlayStation 3, so that Sony can not be changed. This means that all existing PlayStation 3 can jailbreak forever.

Since the master key has been released by Sony have gone through a lot of trouble trying to pee out of the pool, as was known to sue the hackers who have found the master key. All aware of the security, however, knew that the only thing Sony could do was to issue the new system, which uses a new (and better hidden), a master key.

Now it seems that is exactly what Sony is doing. After some recent declines in prices around the PS3, an anonymous source close to Sony said now that the machine console is deep in plans to develop a new test PS3 hackers, probably with a new key.

According to the report, hack-proof SKU will be a PS3 Slim has a 300 GB hard drive. This hard drive is designed to be an incentive to upgrade when the new system will cost about $ 299 when it hits ... which is exactly the same price as the current model 160 GB

Sony's best hope against piracy at the moment is that people replace their PlayStation 3 ... a tactic adopted by Sony with their PSP hacker-friendly. I, however, is a bigger hard drive at the same price that many hackers now encourage their libraries full game for free.