Sunday, July 31, 2011

Walking, Riding, Driving And Sitting



IMG_9672 Reflections In The Park 8x12

Walking In The Park




IMG_0645 A Ride By The Pond_8x12

Riding My Bike On The Trail By The Pond




IMG_0776 Fields and Clouds 8x12

Driving My Van On A Country Road




IMG_4365 Backyard

Sitting In My Back Yard

Accept when I was taking this picture. :)


These are all simple pleasures and sites that are Beautiful to me. 

I have not seen many “Wonders” Of The World”,

but I am in wonder of what I do see.

Dianne © dsphotocats 2011



 Mirror Reflection of me.



I have been spending as much time as I can outdoors enjoying summer, which is my favorite time of the year. I haven’t been out as much taking pictures as I have been in the past. Well you know …… busy, busy, busy. My life is full and life is good. Lots happening in my life and family. Hope is doing really well , and I do have another grandchild due any day now.

Some of you will remember  my son Ed, and Samantha. Well they are expecting a little baby boy any day now. Sam is full term and her due date is Aug. 8th. We are all very excited as we wait for his arrival. :)

Well my dear sweet husband has dinner well on it’s way, so I had better post this and go throw on a couple of steaks. Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. I will be around for a visit so see you then.

Love and Care

Dianne :)


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Waterproof Case for Apple iPad

Most of you already know that there are tons of innovative electronic gadgets applications available for the Apple iPad, but did you ever thought that there will be tons of Accessories too?
Well, I have already covered up a lot of iPad Accessories on this blog, its time for a new iPad Accessory. Recently tunewear (a Tokyo based firm) introduced their waterproof case for the Apple iPad, this waterproof case is known as Waterwear.
Now your iPad can accompany you in the kitchen or you can take it to beaches as well, you won’t be worried about water anymore, the all new waterwear comes with an adjustable strap providing comfort to the user. This accessory is one of the basic accessory for the Apple iPad.

Innovative Solar iPad case

innovative electronic gadgets systems have recently introduced an interesting bag for your iPad or other gadgets, computers and smaller electronic devices. The bag is currently priced at $299. The product has been rightly named as Spark and is designed to charge your iPad in about 10 hours using direct sunlight as the source of energy. The time required to charge can further go down for different smaller devices.
Features of the case
The case is provided with a battery so that you can use it in case of emergence when the internal battery gets exhausted. The battery can be charged either through the solar energy or by conventional means through USB port. Another interesting feature is that this case can be used to charge two batteries simultaneously. The case measures 13.5 inches by 11 inches by 2 inches. It comes in different designs and in different colors with pockets attached inside it. The case is made up of PET plastics.
Wide Applications
The case comes with a guarantee option for the buyer. The Spark charger can be used with multiple devices. With little alterations, the charger can also be used with a camera. Spark can work with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Playbooks, GPS devices, Touchpad, HTC handhelds, Motorola and Nokia phones, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and many more.

Innovative Gadget-charging T-shirt

One of the latest innovations in the electronic gadgets field of SmartPhone has been revealed by Mobile network Orange. Orange has revealed its latest innovative smart T-shirt which can be used to charge your SmartPhone using the power of sound. The T-Shirt is not of those trendy looks and styles; and functions like a gadget. It has a large white patch which is fixed for the purpose of capturing the vibrations caused by sounds and then converting those vibrations into electrical energy. This electrical energy is used to charge a mobile phone.
How it works
This T-shirt works with a piezoelectric film. This is not the first attempt by Orange to allow the users to get something extra from their gadgets; the company also presented a Wellington boot which was used to produce energy. The boot was used to supply power to different portable devices by the conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy.
Charge any gadget
The T-shirt is used to charge the SmartPhone. The cell can be charged without any direct power source. One of the interesting things of this device is that it would be useful in case of the festive season when large amount of noise is given for granted.

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Microsoft Xbox 720

This spaceship like fragile gaming console is the futuristic design of the new xbox 720. In an interview the head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division, Peter Moore told the press that the production team from the Xbox 360 is working on the next Xbox 720. There is no more news about the shape, specs, pricing and launch date of the new product.

Sony Vaio 3D Laptop

Sony Vaio’s 3D electronic gadget Laptop is a strategically designed laptop to convince people to upgrade their laptops. The laptop is equipped with a 16.0″ full HD 3D LED widescreen backlit display that works with the same active shutter glasses used with the Bravia 3D TV. It’s main features include: Intel Quad Core i7-2630QM, Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), up to 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz SDRAM – 6 GB standard (4GB+2 GB), 640GB SATA 7200rpm, 16.0” (40.6cm) Full HD (1920 x 1080) 3D VAIO Display Premium with LED back-lit control, NVIDIA GeForce GT540M graphics with 1GB DDR3 VRAM and DirectX 11 support, Standard Lithium-ion battery, Blu-ray Disc Drive, HDMI output, WLAN 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, HD web camera powered by Exmor, S-force 3D with Inbox bass-reflex speakers and Sound System: Intel High Definition Audio with Dolby Home Theater technology. The price is unknown.

Hewlett-Packard WebOS Tablet

The one-panel touchscreen, WebOS 2, touch and stylus inputs featured Hewlett-Packard WebOS Tablet will disclose it’s features at a media briefing on 9th February. A competitor to iPad, the new WebOS-based device would be about the same size as Apple’s iPad, but it would run on an updated version of Palm’s highly regarded WebOS, the smartphone OS in a tablet is anticipated to be a big winner for HP, and may pose a credible challenge to the iPad. It will be available in market sometime in march this year.

Sony Ericsson PSP Phone

The innovative gadgets phone has expected launch in February 2011. this innovative gadgets features android 3.0, 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, 3.7-inch or 4.1-inch screen and MicroSD slot.

PSP Electronic Phone

Everyone knows that the most expensive innovative gadgets and sought-after advertising slot in the world is during half time at the Super Bowl, and last night Sony Ericsson paid through the nose to get its Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Android smartphone right there. The minute-long advert, the same as was leaked last week (and is below), acts as official confirmation of the handset also known as the PSP Phone.

Audi R8 E-Tron

OK, so it's technically not a electronic gadget, but the new fully electronic Audi R8 E-Tron is dangerously slick and deserves its place in the Hot 100. Audi has taken its already almost impossibly desirable car, added some cool charcoal bodywork and packed it full of eco-friendly technology that means you can now be best friends with Mother Earth without having to drive a Prius.

innovative Cambridge Audio 751BD 3D Blu-ray player

A multimedia innovative all-rounder electronic gadgets with full support for 3D Blu-ray discs, HDCD, DVD-Audio and SACD, the 751BD is unsurprisingly no slouch in the audio department with support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

A front mounted USB should cover most popular video and audio formats, while two HDMI ports means you can push 3D video to two displays.

Innovative Razer Switchblade

this Innovative electronic gadgets Developed with Intel, this is about the size of a CD case, making it the most portable gaming laptop ever. There’s no need for a mouse, as the keys adjust their configuration depending on what you’re playing, so all your weapons are to hand in a first person shooter. The screen is also multitouch, adding another dimension to this pocket-sized gaming demon.

Innovative Dell Venue Pro Gadgets

Part of the seven-strong smartphone set to introduce Microsoft’s new OS to the world, this portrait slider packs a 1Ghz Qualcomm 8250 SnapDragon processor and shows off that slick tiled interface with a stunning 4.1-inch AMOLED screen.

Throw in a 5-megapixel camera with Touch Focus, 1GB of internal memory and standard Windows Phone 7 features such as Xbox Live gaming and Zune music player to make this one enormous beast of a device.

Innovative Casio Tryx

A cross between a compact EXILIM camera and a flip-style camcorder, the EX-TR100 hosts a rotating frame that doubles as a tripod and lets you snap from all angles.

The 12.1 megapixel sensor shooter packs an Exilim Engine HS to deliver top notch HDR imaging, and a Slide Panorama mode so you can snap 360 degree panoramic images.

With slow motion recording you can also capture 1080p video to watch back on a gorgeous three-inch LCD screen.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Exploring the Glens

We came home from our trip a day early since Lovely had to go to work a bit earlier than we first expected.  It was a fantastic journey and as always it brought peace to us.  I love our state so very much.  I may gripe about the cold winters but all in all I’d never want to live elsewhere.  We did get to see a bear about two hundred yards from our cabin.  It was a very large black bear that was happily munching on something.  We watched it for about fifteen minutes and then it meandered off over the hill it had been sitting on.  I got nearly 100 pictures which I will begin to share once I finish my series on Ireland.  We are only going to be home for a week then be off to a new cabin that we’ve never seen and be gone once again for five days.  I hope to get even more pictures from that and share them too.  We are rapidly approaching our trip to the Philippines.  We will not see fall this year since we’ll be there in the tropics for two months…unlike many that have had terrible heat and humidity we have had a very pleasant summer…fall has nothing for me really and winter certainly doesn’t. 


Ireland is a place of mystery and history.  This time we explored much more of the countryside and that filled us all with wonder.  Actually it could really remind me of sights I’ve seen in Oregon.  I often find myself drawn to Macro mode on my camera.  I’m not a very technical photographer…I love angles that are interesting to me and shots that somehow speak to me.  Sometimes it strikes a chord in my own heartother times it just seems beautiful to me for reasons I cannot explain.  I am not at all interested in bragging rights for any picture.  Rather I love to share the experience and let people feel what they may from viewing these pictures.  Nothing could thrill me more than hearing someone say that they feel they are there when seeing these pictures.  I desire to share these experiences with any that are interested.  I want it to reach out so much that you can hear the sheep bleatand imagine looking on these things with your own eyes .  Can you feel the sense of familiarity yet at the same time wonder?  That’s what I felt when seeing these things.  Most of all I feel a sense of gratitude to God for letting me see these things with those I love the most.  I’m a simple person involved in God’s great plan.  Do you know you too are part of something bigger than yourself?  Thing in this life deceive and try to convince you that you’re alone and don’t matter but this is not true.  You are living because of divine providence.  Work in the field of life you find yourself in.  Remember that the greatest struggles life brings are all about your faith and you are not alone in this struggle.  We may live in different places and be going through things that are different on the surface but underneath it all we are together in this war over our faith.  May you continue to bear good fruit through the struggles you endureand may that fruit ever be pleasing to God.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Festus and the Power of Prayer

I think that one of the most amazing things in my life has been the privileges that God has brought my way in the wonderful people I’ve been able to meet.  One such person is a man whom I certainly consider my brother.  He is Nigerian and a tremendous prayer warrior.  There are times when I’ve met people like him and felt so blessed that I can hardly believe it.  Africans have played an immense role in my life and a source or tremendous blessing.  If I had not been a part of our church now I’d have never even met these people much less had the honor of calling them my friends and having them pray life changing prayers over my family and I.  Festus is a man exceptional in a sea of amazing people that I’ve known over the years.  He and his wife and children are amazing.  May God bless them richly!  His daughter Joy took a little time to begin to warm up to us however I have great hope for her and the children of these men and women of God.  Generation next must have someone to put faith in them and keep the door to the kingdom of God open…they are the future.


Bringing my family abroad always brings this commitment to mind.  I want to invest in my children and have them meet the amazing people I’ve grown to know and love.  One day I was walking with my youngest daughter in this amazing pasture.  Spending time with my children in places like this has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever been able to do.  It’s not all about church meetings.  Sometimes time to just talk to them and walk through the streets of a place so far from what’s familiar is the most priceless treasure ever.  I talk to them about spiritual things and just walk and talk with them.  They learn botany by looking at different plants all over the world .  The wonders of God in nature are a delight we enjoy together.  Seeing this with dear friends and family is a salve to the souland it opens us up to each other to communicate on a very high level…this is what makes us grow strong as a family.  The vital component of God in relationship has born great fruit and I’m eternally thankful for it .  The Tain Way and its marvels left us with our breath taken away at times.  It’s not just the land it’s the awareness of God who after all made all this.  Beyond the economic disaster corrupt government has causedbeyond the disasters and suffering there is on this planet we find that we have only now and each other so we should do all we can with the moments we’ve been given…take nothing for granted…see beauty where you canand testify of every single thing you can see God is doing no matter if you audience understands it or not.  Faith comes by hearing the word of God so I do all I can to see and hear what He has to sayand be thankful for what I’ve got right in front of meknowing that the grateful moments we have today strengthen us for the challenges of tomorrow.  Look for the things to be blessed aboutor this could have been just another pasture and a gate and a rusty old horseshoe.  We don’t know what lies even one second ahead of usbut one thing is sure it’s a better thing to be thankful about what’s in front of us then refuse to see anything good no matter what there is out there.  Pondering these things we came to a glorious view of a rainbow…the very evidence of God’s promise.  Find the beautiful in the ordinary…you’ll never regret the change this brings to personal perspective!