Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Verizon Starts Pumping, Many Of Its Calls Through The LTE As Soon As Possible

It will not mean much to you now, but for future phones that you purchase from Verizon's network to LTE asked, turning most of the actual phone features of your smartphone with Verizon 4G data connection instead to its CDMA network cellular aging.

Called Volte, or Voice over Long-Term Evolution, the new technology will send calls over the Internet 4G rather than relying on existing lines Verizon cell phone. The benefits for users of voice quality much clearer. Voice calls and video VoLTE are initiated by dialing a telephone number to connect an email address or IP number

Not a couple of other interests here, though. For one, the way the Verizon CDMA network is working, you can not start for the simultaneous transmission of voice and data on their network ... one of the few drawbacks when it comes to Verizon's new iPhone. Making calls to LTE, the VoIP eliminates this problem because there is no such restriction, and data streams on 4G.

In addition, this could be very simplified form Verizon users pay. Instead of being charged separately for voice, text messages and data, VoLTE would be treated as data, unless it was a call to a legacy number.

Intriguing, but of course, with Verizon's 4G network covers only 25% of the country and the first devices that offer this feature is not due until the end of the year, end users have a long wait ahead before the distinction between data and voice is the way of the dodo, as it is.