Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sony wants to open PlayStation Move up to PC hackers like the Kinect

After only one quarter financial market are accessories Microsoft KINECTS gesture recognition for Xbox 360 is already the darling of the PC scene with a number of pirate hacks KINECTS beautiful out of the release of a pilot community open source.

What answer to Sony KINECTS however: PlayStation Move? He was left out even more, but we have not seen a single shot hack for now.

Dr. Richard Marks Sony wants to change all that. The man behind the PlayStation Move your intention to launch users PS3 PS3 peripherals ... KINECTS hacks but only uses data from the camera device, PC brand can allow hackers access to all levels of material moving from data of the EyeToy camera for the motion of the gyroscopes and accelerometers.

When the drivers for the transition to be released? The marks are not sure, but is expected soon.

"For a long time I have mentioned in my talks that would give us more people to innovate and Move. It 'a nice tool. It' was done on the PS3, so it is difficult in the sense that it happen," he told Ars. "I'd really like to see it happen, so that all laboratories really creative souls and fans can play with yourself. But now, we have not announced anything official. But it is something that I really want to see happen as soon as possible."