Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Panasonic Cancel Jungle Handheld Gaming Device

The world of portable gaming devices have been particularly active in recent times. Nintendo launches 3DS many countries, Sony has given us the first details of the PSP 2, and there's a new Pokemon game out a couple of days.

With all this you would be forgiven for forgetting, a new handheld device, developed by Panasonic called the Jungle. It was announced in October last year and should focus exclusively on allowing players to play MMO and other online games out of their PCs. He was actually going to a Pocket PC gives you access to popular games like World of Warcraft on the go.

I was skeptical at the time, and now it looks like Panasonic has made the jungle is not viable. The Japanese firm has decided its new strategy that focuses on technology and environmental health means gaming equipment was not worth pursuing further.