Thursday, February 3, 2011

For tablets only Google: Honeycomb

There are some tablets Android out there right now, and some - like the Samsung tab Galaxy is still very good - but it is not very controversial to say now that Android is not good for tablets. Heck, even Google says so.

And that's the point of Android 3.0, also known as honeycomb. Google recognizes that a compressed operating system is good not only for the largest display: the Tablets of the people use different ways to use smart phones, and even the mere fact of the broad financial balance can stress the more robust operating system.

Honeycomb, so is an important step tablets Android ... one that will do all the tablets came before look squat and half-baked by comparison. But what about smartphones? Honeycomb is a radical leap like Android for smartphones, as it will be compressed for Android?

Google confirmed today that it will not. Why? Because smartphones honeycomb will not. This is a single-release tablet.

This comes as a surprise to some, but not really much of one. Apple, for example, originally published by IOS IPAD 3.2, which never came to the iPhone. Instead, the branches and IPAD iPhone IOS month met the bass line IOS 4.1.

The same is happening here. Google Android is about to get up to speed with tablets, then merge the two branches of the core code Android later down the line. This does not mean that some of the most appropriate operation of honeycomb is not coming for Android smartphones in the past, but Google is already promising a part of a gradual introduction of smartphones honeycomb biggest prizes.