Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunsets Foreshadow Another Sunrise

I was feeling pretty bleak about getting any new photos today but braved the feeling of not knowing what to take a picture of and got out there anyway.  I’m sure glad that I did!  I was downloading the pictures and had completely forgotten that I was out a few days ago taking pictures of a wonderful sunset!  Now that the time is ahead again there is a kind of lighting that is different than any other time of year.  I knew it was going to be a good one so I remained outside to see what we’d get.  It seemed that each second provided a slightly different hue.  There were some golden colors at one pointbut as time moved on so did the color spectrum and pinks started to show more and more.  I remember owning an etch a sketch as a kid…this was like a giant one that had far more interesting colors available.  The skies brilliance effected the lighting of the entire prairie at this pointand the blue in the sky was effected as well  making it an impossible color.  Our evergreen tree was taking all this in with me…I thought I’d take a picture of it and forgot to disable my flash…still I kind of like how this turned out.  I prefer the pine needle silhouette though .  The light was fading and the trees are still bare so they remind me of black fishbone skeletons against the magnificent sky.  I love the view here from our house on nights like this.  This is the direction that most of our violent storms come from but for now it’s a sailor’s delight.  I crept over to the pond which is dry right now in the hopes of getting some nice angles.  It was worth enduring the smell of stagnant mud to get these shots I think.  I’m surprised water is not around by this time but it has been pretty dry for us.  Evenings like this still do something to me that I can’t quite explain…it’s like in spite of all the trouble in the world it can’t touch me here.  They say it’s always darkest before the dawn…that could well be so.  Ultimately it can’t be dawn at all until we’ve gone through the night.  There’s promise in rainbows that herald the end to storms but there’s also promise of the dawn to come after a sunset.  Bless you my friends.