Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My loves, and questions answered....

I can't believe how big they are getting!

My daughter is home!
Yes, we h`d the "special"
Pork chops, steamed cabbage, baked sweet pots, rice & gravy.  She couldn't eat much, but I did!

Some have asked: "what exactly has been wrong with your daughter?"

Patti "had" Irritable Bowel Disease, which is significantly worse than when you hear IBS,
(syndrome).  She had had symptoms all through
her childhood and during the years the doctors
couldn't determine whether it was IBD or Crone's
Disease.  In l999, her situation became critical
and her colon had to be removed.  There were
several months of wearing the "colostomy" when
finally they decided to do more surgery at which
time, the rectum was removed and a new "pouch"
was constructed to replace the colon.  This procedure
is called "J pouch" (if anyone wants to g*ogle).

Throughout the following years, she had problems
with the "pouch" becoming infected which led to
more surgery.  Thankfully, for a while she did
really well.  Beginning around Oct, Nov 2011
more severe pain began until December 29 she had no
alternative than to go to the hospital.

She was immediately taken into surgery for an obstruction in the intestines (which is all she has); the obstruction was scar tissue, and a twist in the intestine.
Since the surgery, the pain did not lessen, consequently when she went to the e.r. last Tuesday, they found the
beginning of another obstruction.  They treated her with a tube in her nasal passage into the stomach. After
several days of this, and ginger ale, the pain is (if not completely) gone.  She'll still have discomfort from the original surgery in Dec. but THANK GOD, the pain is gone from her face, and eyes.  I'm beginning to see her
once again as the mother, grandmother, daughter we love and is meant to be.  I'm hoping to fatten her up a bit from all weight she's lost (down to l00 lbs).
I think pork chops ought to do that.
I hope for those who have wondered, the questions
have been answered.
Have a wonderful day!