Friday, March 9, 2012

Sun again? Be still my heart!

My rained all day and evening yesterday BUT there is sun today and supposed to be the same for much of the weekend.  That however remains to be seen. As I whined before, we get more than our share of rain.

I will go out in the early evening and get some pictures of the Bradford pear tree blossoms and the blooming Tulip Poplar blossoms.  Some folks call them magnolias.  I have since looked them up and they go under both names.  I tend to think of magnolias as the huge heavily scented dinner plate sized (spread out tip to tip petals) blossoms,  the Southern GrandiFlora-- not these small guys that come into bloom quickly and die within two weeks...but I was mistaken it seems).

Katie Isabella won a swag Bag from a Red Carpet Pawty a week ago and it came to her yesterday,  Oh it is a beautiful bag that I can use if Katie isn't at the moment, and it was filled with all kinds of cool things for kitties.  That was nice and quite an expensive gift to have won. picked her name. Coolio!

I am getting an iPad from my youngest as he is getting the newest iteration that will be for sale March 16th I think it is.  I'm getting his present one and Apple TV too.

Next weekend I will be headed back over the mountains assuming the weather allows.  The snow always shows up at the worst times. Miss Katie will have a sitter.  I won't be gone long.

So, what's up, Doc?