Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little bits of my world.....

I'm late for the party, Ms Brenda's photo challenge!

A little bit of my world:

This is one of my treasures.  Painted
by a cousin of my mom's of the house
where my grandparents lived and raised
their 8 children.  I never knew my grandfather
as he passed away when Mom was 5 years
old; she was the youngest child.  When
she was born two of her brothers were in
their 20's.  I loved this house, and it broke
my heart when it was torn down.  But,
I feel so blessed to have this treasure.
Where we play when Hunter is here
unless we're in the kitchen making
cupcakes; one of her favorite things to do.

(My computer is acting up, so this is all I can offer today!
Have a blessed, wonderful day!