Friday, March 18, 2011

Canon: Mirrorless micro four thirds are for loser camera makers

Canon has long been one of the dominant camera makers, and usually at the forefront when it comes to the camera packaging includes new form factors, which makes their complete failure to release the Micro Four Thirds camera even more inexplicable. Ultimately, the Micro Four Thirds is a popular motherboard, which has been around for many years, and is a good measure of economic society, such as Canon, because it promotes the sale of the lens. So what happens? Why not be the Canon Micro Four Thirds on the market?

Well, I do not know if this piece becomes suddenly executive questions about Canon, but it is entertaining. Social Canon Consumer Imaging, Rainer Fuehres amateur photographer said that the company is not looking at the Micro Four Thirds or the like as these form factors have been closed for business the loser could not hack DSLRs. convincing.

That said, Fuehres did not say that Canon will never make the Micro Four Thirds camera. However, if the Canon in the market, they marched to its beat.

"The idea of ​​a compact camera system has nothing to do with whether the camera is a mirror or not, but it is small and portable system," he said. "If the fees do not participate I hope not only to introduce me-too product, but there will be an opportunity to do something different."

We've heard this before from Canon. They said in July last year that they were not interested in the Micro Four Third, but instead thought they could shrink to a digital SLR factor Micro Four Thirds format size. Canon actually had a story in the market for digital SLR not to do incredible things to shrink the camera mirror, so that we would not be surprised if they managed that. But when?