Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Motorized tricycle goes 18 mph using just a couple of Electric Drills

The average motorcycle can be up to 100 mph. This plan barely twenty. The average bike has two wheels. This is three. The average motorcycle is powered by a compression internal combustion gasoline engine gobling extreme power. This? E 'powered by a pair of 18-volt electric.

I expect you to get to rub your eyes. Yes, I actually wrote this. Meet EX truck.

This concept car designed by Nils FEVER consists primarily of bicycle parts changed. The acceleration is due to two 18-volt drillswhich are able to accelerate EX with a maximum of one mile per volt, or 18 miles per hour.

This is not a practice round. A tricycle with two front wheels, the vehicle depends on a lightweight bridge EX up on the handlebars, as they are, open arms. For cornering, the driver simply tilts his body is responsible for the EX only used for braking and throttle control.

The exercises are exercises EX electric phlegmatic Bosch, which makes this bike, like your average Beamer, a German motor vehicle. They do not have much power, however, if there is something that the makerr of the need to skimp on metals EX was to cover the frame.

Instead, all the wire-frame skeleton, are so light that you can not go half speed respectable EX ... although, unlike the mean motion, do not scrape off half your meat, if you go to escape during the race.

According to its makers are EX Apart from the fact that not a word we still get their points and they are right "eccentric.": This is definitely a bike for the eccentric really. This does not mean that this is not the stuff fine on three wheels, we've seen in months, though.