Thursday, March 10, 2011

Concrete Canyons

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but raised most of my life in Montana.  I like to say that I’m southern born northern raised.  I often think that God likes to use the plainest clay for his vessels thus why he took someone like me out of this large state that is mostly farms and low population and brought me so many places in the world.  I never dreamed I’d go from here to so many destinations I’d never even dared to dream that I’d visit.  Leaving the mountains of Montana and the dreary plains of the Dakotas and entering another type of canyon altogether was quite the experience.  Every single city I’ve been to has its own flavor and Chicago is no exception.  There are times when I know I’m taking a shot that likely isn’t the most original in the world but I’ve just got to take it anyway, this was one such shot…while the shot may not be the most original…Chicago certainly is!  Here in our home town tall buildings are the exception rather than the rule however Chicago had no shortage of tall skyscrapers but though there were many I felt they had a lot of personality.  I’ve heard that Chicago is the most American of our big citiesbut that being said I have to say that I saw plenty of other cultures here…we ministered in a Ghanaian pastored International church after all! 


I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t include some food pictures don’t you think?  I had to try and Italian beef sandwich (with added sweet peppers).  The city was so cold that stepping into a little cafeteria for some food like this was a real treat!  We went to a noodle shop right across from our hotel and the food in that place was to die for!  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Lovely and the kids were there to share it with me!  We stopped at Ruby Tuesdays and once again I found myself ordering things that I knew Lovely would like.  This was a Cajun spiced tilapia fish steak with some shrimp and delectable sauce!  Why yes, it did rock!  There’s more to come but this will be enough for one day.  We just filed our taxes and now have to go and get the kids pictures for their passports…it’s Ireland bound once again next month!