Sunday, March 6, 2011

ASUS will release a quad-core, 3D Honeycomb tablet in 2011

Asus doesn’t really have a tablet to proud to compete with the likes of iPad, Motorola, Samsung or Xoom, Galaxy Tab  yet, but the work, and when he comes out of Asus CEO Jerry Shen wants everyone to know that will push the envelope in some significantly.

According to Shen, ASUS will launch a 3D Tablet running a quad-core processor, even in 2011. Although Shen has refused to be drawn into a commitment to any particular chip quad-core right now, there is only one to really talk: NVIDIA Tegra next iteration, code named Kal-El (after last Krypton Son), which provide five times the performance on Tegra 2, and the ability to stream videos that are twice the resolution of 1080p.

Given the power of Kal-El, a compressed 3D would not be too difficult to manage: Kal-El certainly has the power to withdraw any htem on the screen twice, once for each eye. In fact, says Shen quad-core processor is integrated into their plans and are absolutely essential for smooth video playback 3D at a resolution of 1080p.

Overall, Shen said that Asus plans to become the second player on the shelves in late 2012, hoping to get a market share of five to eight percent by then. It seems to be pretty naive ambitious domination IPAD given full market tablet, but much will depend on the ability of ASUS cons IPAD undercut in price.

ASUS smartphone that says that Android will be captured in 2011, but may be considered Phone Windows 7 in 2012, after the impact with Microsoft besieged Finnish mobile giant Nokia was a little 'clearer.

2011 seems to be a do-or-break ASUS year. Asus is still dead water has built its entire business netbook "back in recent years. They can successfully transition to post-PC age, or left?