Tuesday, March 29, 2011

enough winter, already...

'Mornin', Bloggers!

It's Tuesday and we're well into Spring. For over three months of wretched cold, snow, and all the other stuff we associate with winter, I endured and soldiered on, mindful that eventually spring would come, robins would return, and I'd be that much closer to running barefoot through the grass. Well, guess what..

...that's what I see out my office window this morning; what's wrong with this picture???

Jeez...haven't we had enough of that white stuff yet?

Okay...enough of that.

I haven't been around much in recent weeks; I've been visiting my blogging family, but not commenting much, if at all. My mood has been up-and-down for awhile and I didn't want to be a downer for you guys. Didn't want you to think I haven't been out there; just not very participatory.

To Toodie: I'm glad you're keeping busy, your mood is brighter, and one of your chickie girls Finally produced a single beautiful egg. That alone sure made me feel optimistic! Thank you for sharing that news!

To Lisa and Terry: I hope springtime in beautiful Canada brings you sunshine, budding flowers and trees, and the optimism we associate with the season. Yeah, I know--there's still going to be snow as Ma Nature gets rid of the last of her inventory of the stuff (waste not, want not, and all that...).

To Paul: I'll be around within the next day or so to get caught up with your blog; like you, I haven't done much and have a lot to catch up on. You're still my favorite Bahstonian...but you know that already.

To Jenny: I've been thinking about you and hope life brightens up more for you...you're about due for some Springtime sunshine, too. Let's hope it returns soon!

To Kim: I continue to send hugs and my best hopes for a thaw in your life; you've been through so much. Some wonderful things have got to start happening for you again. Soon.

To Hope: I contiue to send lots of hugs and love to you, my sis-by-choice, and hope that life is treating you kindly.

To Neora, I hope all's well in the Realm, and that you have wonderful things awaiting you. (A certain scruffy old bear sends his respects and affection to HRH.)

To Dave. aka, Horace Manure, I'll stop by soon to see if anything new is going on at your little man shack in the woods.  

To David: I miss you. ('Nuff said?)

I have a boatload of work to do today and can't stay online long, dang-it.

I'll make my best effort to get around to visiting in the next day or so; please don't forget me. I haven't forgotten you...


the sun is out again...

(that bright spot is an actual patch of sunshine!)

...this could be a good day, after all...