Thursday, April 14, 2011

two for the road...

Well, the weather's starting to show signs of warming, but not by a lot. Two days ago we were running around in shirtsleeves and today we're back to jackets and heavy sweaters. Steve went so far as turning off the furnace for a day or so, but it's on today and has kicked in a couple times already. Me? I'm ready to go barefoot again, but the weather is telling me otherwise: "Not just yet, Marge--be patient." 

Be patient? ME? Not gonna happen...

Steve has begun gathering stuff together to get the Voyager roadworthy for another year; it needs a little routine maintenence and one significant repair then we'll be on the road again. I'll be around to help as much as I can and perhaps together Steve and I can get the bike going that much sooner.

I've had a lot of ideas concerning ways to share our adventures on the road in addition to blogging. If I can find a reasonably-priced (i.e., cheap) helmet cam, I hope to video some of our travels. There are some good ones and some not-so-good; hopefully there will be enough user reviews to help Steve and me arrive at a price and model we can live with. Also, I'm going to practice more with the digital camera. I've been too busy (i.e., lazy) to learn how to use it, so I'll ask Steve to help me figure out how to operate the bugger. It's not rocket science--I know--but my worst fear is that I'll press the wrong button and screw something up royally; I'm not crazy about buying another one.

Upon visiting Two For The Road, our joint biking blog, I discovered it's been so long since I posted there, that I'd fogotten the login info. Undaunted, I created another one--nearly identical to the original, but better in some respects. I figured out how to drop a slideshow in there and hope to get one constructed before the weekend, but had to create another Photobucket account toward that end. We'll see how that goes.

Here's the link to the new blog (if you followed the old one you might want to drop that link, but that's just a suggestion on my part):

I've recorded a lot of YouTube videos of my poetry readings, but am getting restless to try my hand at something different: editing some slide shows with music, maybe some short movies. Problem is, our little digital camera is pretty limited in its video functionality, so I'll have to save some dinero toward buying a decent (sorta cheap) digital movie cam. Who knows? I could be the next Penny Marshall or Nora Ephron.

Looking out the window toward the east, the sky is gray and the pines and maples are stirring pretty vigorously. Even if the bike were ready to roll, I doubt that we'd be riding in that kind of wind. I haven't checked the weather at all today, so I have no idea if the sky is going to drop any precipitation on us. I almost wish it would, though...if it were raining I'd have a reason to feel less restless to be on the road.

I can't believe I just said that.