Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apple HDTV heading our way

If you thought that there was no hope for an HDTV from Apple, think again. Blogs buzzing today with rumors that Apple TV HD can actually become a reality by the end of 2011. So what Apple fans into a frenzy? Wall Street analyst Brian White Ticonderoga Securities reportedly told investors to expect Apple to launch a "Smart TV" at the end of the year. We're a bit dubious, but whites may actually be on some thing.

White was ranked as one of the leading analysts in the category Electronics Industry by Forbes in 2009, so the guy does not have credibility. He says that HDTV is not just another version of Apple TV, but the real "television product in all respects to the consumer." We heard these rumors for a while 'time, but White said that Apple is "moving faster than a slower pace than the market expected."

It is rumored that television costs about $ 2000. In addition to obtaining a clean and sleak characteristitcly Apple, which will offer the same quality screen, or better, as does the 27-inch iMac from Apple.

What we like to see in HDTV from Apple? Obviously, it would require an HDTV connected to the Internet and offer HDTV transmission applications offer many features now a days. But let's see Pandora replaced by iTunes, or two applications of live music?

There was talk that the TV offers a package that allows users to unleash all content on iTunes, allowing you to listen to TV shows, movies and music to your TV for a fixed rate. AirPlay integration with Apple appears to be a fact.

Would probably include an HDTV Apple plenty of IPAD and integration. If you already use your iPad to stream Netflix, Time Warner Cable, Hulu, and other multimedia applications, there will certainly be a way to connect to your TV. The possibilities of a relationship-IPAD HTDV Apple is really infinite.