Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Countdown Continues

It’s been a very wild week.  The weather has been absolutely devastating and many have died.  I heard that one of those tornadoes was even an F-5.  That is a tornado that few see and live to tell about it.  I see it as another example of how we cannot know from day to day what will happen.  We must not take for granted the time we’ve been given on this earth.  The disaster in Japan is another perfect example of this.  Just think there are likely people in Alabama that thought it was tragic what happened in Japan and now they are not with us today…very sobering.  I think we are marching on to the end times.  This is one countdown that continues.  The other is the countdown to our departure to Ireland that is now at the two week point.  Once again I remind any that care that there will be no internet for us.  We will be staying in a rustic Irish home in a rural area near Dublin so I won’t likely be on-line until I get home.  I won’t forget you all if you don’t forget me!    I have a few pictures that I’ve taken around here…not much to get excited about but I’ll share them anyway.  Remember the hullabaloo over the big moon a while back?  I did get a couple pictures of it .  I’ve never done well getting pictures of the moon…I guess some things never change!  LOL!  My son turned 12 recently as well.  My wife made a very creative cake for himand at first glance I thought it was an actual bag of popcornand be honest, wouldn’t you?  The only thing that was “real” was the popcorn at the top of the cake!  I thought it was very cool!  Next we had a lot of excitement over some Sand Hill Cranes that came to visit us…they were far away so it’s a bit hard to see.  However what was exciting was it was a couple with one other Crane who looked to be a very young adult.  We hoped that they would find a spot to nest…sadly we’ve not seen them since.  Please excuse these far away and bad quality shots…it’s the best I could do at that range.  Next was of course Easter and the big egg hunt that we always do.  It was fantastic weather…about the best we’ve had in a very long time.  Who knows?  If this keeps up we may actually see some leaves this year!  LOL!  Anyway, it made for a very pleasant time both hidingand findingthe eggs.  The kids actually do like to eat them as well.  Gabby went to work on some of the eggs right away.  Besides, there were friends to be played with and they even brought a bunny!  It was a good time had by allbut I must say the rabbit may not have agreed with us on this point!  Only a post or two left before we’re gone for three weeks.  The countdown continues!