Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ireland Bound!

We have been experiencing a real resistance when it comes to getting back to Ireland as we’ve felt God has directed us.  We’ve held onto it for some time now but the time was getting closer and closer and we still couldn’t afford tickets to go.  Rising prices have become like a plague and airline tickets have been effected by this.  Daily we looked seeing if we  could find a good deal and daily we walked away hearing that the prices had risen terribly.  Yesterday we decided to look again and found a deal that we could afford.  This doesn’t include living expenses at all nor does it cover the expenses here at home when we leave…there’s much to believe for still but we have seen God move before and will continue to believe…please remember us in your prayer!  We did buy the tickets and will leave on the 12th of May.  We will return on the 31st of May.  We are very excited though we know the battle is far from over.  Even though we have this trip now there is a far bigger trip to the Philippines in August that will last until October…so much needs to be done but our God is able!  These are thrilling times!


I will post a few more pictures of Japan as I can because I expect once we return from Ireland I’ll have pictures from there to share.  Graves fascinate me and this shot has symmetry and sadness about it that is contrasted by the bright sunny day that really appeals to me…notice the empty flower or incense holder.  The beautiful rolling hills where they have tea growing filled me with wonder .  The golden pavilion was a tremendous wonder to behold in the idyllic surroundings where it sits.  I expected to see bamboo forestsbut not so much pine.  Japan is blessed with pine, bamboo and amazing places to see.  It could rain quite heavily at times but the wonder of it thrilled me still…it even made for shots like this where the rain left beautiful jewels on some large leaves.  The canopy of trees left shadows on the ground that reminded me of the beautiful Japanese writing.  Above all it was thd people we traveled with that made the trip.  Kazu and Gabby were great friends…and she doesn’t just take to everyone.  Kazu and Gabby decided to have a nice march that day…I think that they did a wonderful job together…I could weep still seeing these pictures…I miss those guys so much!  I know my little girl had a wonderful time too!  My goodness I love this picture!  We must go back someday.  Being there with the team and showing this amazing place to others was a crowning glory in my life.  Thank God for my wife who wouldn’t let it go until it happened!  Here is my son and RD hanging out in the bamboo forest of Kyoto.  This is one of my favorite places in all the world!  Here are Anna and Kazu who are more than friends, they are family.  Gabby took it upon herself to lead this Japanese tour.  I think Gabby felt quite at home.  Lovely and Anna.  I wish I was standing there right now!  My little girl followed in her older brother and sister’s footsteps and was an excellent traveller even then.  I couldn’t walk forever in Kyoto…always something new to me yet ancient in age. More graves.  Gabby poses with an old man who was selling mushrooms that he made from tissue paper.  It was a place touched by both new and old…you can still find people wearing the traditional kimono…so beautiful to see.  I think this is about it for now so I bid you farewell until next time.