Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wii Laptop Notebook Uses A Hard Drive Instead Of DVD

The nature of the Wiimote and the needs of the Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii seems on the surface of things, much less moddable to a portable device like the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 ... but if there's a will, there are ways.

Slayer's Shock ZNWii DIY Laptop Wii may not be as aesthetically pleasing portable console mod work we've ever seen, but the functionality is definitely a good thing. Nintendo Wii stripping its built-in DVD to save space, killer of Wii Laptop shock instead of using software to "backup" to download all their games directly to the internal hard drive.

Otherwise, we watch a lot of standard features of a portable console, including a flip-up display (with integrated sensor bar, natch) and a confidence in an internal, rechargeable power supply that must be played, even far from a wall outlet. He even managed some support from grafting GameCube, GameCube control ports directly into the Wii instead of the normal ports.

Pretty neat stuff. Of course, Nintendo is not happy here, because the Wii laptop SunDriver relying on a chip, in order to avoid the requirement to have a built-in DVD, but we can still appreciate the brilliant work, when we see it.