Thursday, January 27, 2011

7 Little Things….


My good friend, Jenny, Honey I’m Home  has given me the chance to let you know 7 things about myself,  and after unloading all my info, I was supposed to pick out 15 other blogs to  likewise furnish a ‘Stylish Blog Award’ too.
Quite a headache really, BUT I happened onto Beth’s site  
Day BY Day    (also nominated) and my thanks to you Beth, for giving me a loophole, as I agree you wholeheartedly in saying everyone is a stylish blogger…How on earth could I pick 15 out of all the stylish bloggers I visit and catch up on?.  Impossible, quite simply impossible…  So I award everyone of you this award… and you can pick up the baton of sharing 7 things about yourself if you so wish …

Now for the 7 things……

  1. My name ‘Pen’ (Penelope, Penny, whatever!!)  is my middle name, hated by me since childhood , my first name is … not going to say..!!
    But I did start up my blog with the name Lady Penelope, after happening across a
    YouTube video, and therefore it’s all the fault of Gerry Anderson and his Thunderbirds series…  Before my time but it looked fun…
  2. MY father left the family when I was a small child, I‘ve always dreamed of finding out why, and if he ever regretted doing so. Sadly I will never find out, as he died before we could meet…
  3. I always wear my Manchester United Shirt when listening or watching their games at home, (can’t afford to go to all the matches) ... To my mind this is why they have such ‘winning ways.’   ;-)
  4. I was born in Darlington, County Durham, at my Grandparents Bungalow, a place which holds very special memories for me. Sadly when they died it was sold and I would so love to be able to afford to buy it back… Although I do wonder sometimes if without those two special people, it won’t feel the same?
  5. I have a ‘thing’ about recycling,  I worry about the planet and what our disgusting habits of a throwaway society is going to do to it’s beauty and it’s wildlife. Have you heard about the ‘plastic garbage patch’ ?
  6. I also have a ‘thing’ about milk, I worry if I don’t have enough in the house.  At this precise moment I have 3 x 4ltrs in my fridge. (the plastic bottles are recyclable…) I have no idea if this phobia is some deep, dark memory from my childhood, maybe we ran out for days?  Who knows how the mind works, especially mine!!
  7. I wonder daily about life and it’s meaning, I have tried since I was a  child to ‘Do as you would be Done By’…a saying I read in the book  ‘The Water Babies’  by Charles Kingsley… I took this very literally and went about to do a daily ‘good deed’ … Beware anyone who didn’t need help ‘cos they got it anyway, with a massive smile thrown in!! 

    SO there you have it, feel free to join in should you want to… I feel better already…   :-)

LadyP ……..2011