Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger

Jenny D, you know I care about you or I’d never do this!  LOL!  I don’t often get things like this:  but I thank Jenny from the bottom of my heart.  I don’t think there’s many left I could pass this on to that haven’t gotten it already so know for sure that you all have some thing that you add to my life every single day that make you worthy of this award…I don’t say this lightly!  I only wish my wife would allow comments because I say for sure that she and her blogging are worthy of this award!  So, seven things about me?  Things that you may not know?  That’s not easy since I pretty much put my life out there on my blog as it is!  Here’s a few things that you may or may not know about me:

1)I’m southern born and western raise.  I was actually born in Charlotte, NC (shout out Carole!) but raised here in sunny Montana (just kidding about the sunny thing!)

2)I play guitar which is mostly praise and worship in our church but love heavy metal and many other styles of music on my own time.

3)Started traveling abroad at 18 years old to Ghana, West Africa and have since been to India (where I lived in what was then called Madras for some time), been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Thailand, the Philippines (where I also lived for a while and where I met my wife of sixteen years now)

4)I’ve got three kids that still live at home:  Danielle, my first born (15), Michael my son (11) and Gabrielle…always called Gabby(5)

5)I’m a concealed weapon permit holder and have taken classes with my Glock 37 which is a variation of a .45 automatic and I’m registered with the Sheriff…I’ve just renewed my permit in fact.

6)I intend to return to the Philippines this year with my whole family…our little one has never been there before…we’ve not returned since 9/ could use prayer…we will be gone for 2 months finding a house for a mission team that will follow us.

7)I’m a licensed and ordained minister…I received my ordination papers at just 17 years old and have taken 3 year correspondence bible school training while on the mission field…I was a straight A student…I just loved the subject matter!